customized bookshelves

Looking for a way to customize big-box store bookshelves? In the last month I’ve stumbled across two blog posts on customizing Ikea bookshelves. For more pictures, follow the links below. While these are all about Ikea’s Billy bookshelves, the tricks would work on any other basic bookshelf.

Young House Love: Office Progress: Bookcase Building (complete with [...]

better home offices

Just found a great gallery of home offices on Better Homes & Gardens. Here are my favorites:



Fabric-covered framed pinboards; red curtains add some color | source

Try kitchen storage for your desk – here’s a vintage muffin tin | source

Vintage drawer pulls for your glasses or add [...]

what's your perfect workspace?

Apartment Therapy‘s technology blog, Unplgged, has had a string if nice home offices recently as part of their The Perfect Workspace Contest 2010. Here are my favorites from the contest, plus some others that have recently come to my attention:

Source: Unplgged

First up, Sayeh Pezeshki’s home office in Los Angeles.  I swear I’ve [...]