be my friend + links

WorkingSmall has a Facebook page! Okay, technically, I know that would make you a fan not a friend.  But you should become a fan!  I find a lot of good articles during the week, and rather than keeping track of them to post here occasionally (which I’ve tried to do, and it’s not efficient), I’ll [...]

glam work tips

Reading a magazine at the gym, I stumbled across an unlikely source for work inspiration: Glamour Magazine.  From their 10 Ways to be a Total Star at Work, from the July 2010 issue:

Be as kind to the janitor as you are to the CEO.
Go on vacation. Nobody likes a bitter, exhausted workaholic.
Your friends love you! [...]

productivity experiment: my dailies

In an overdue follow-up to my rant about dailies (part of my Productivity Experiment) about how all the little tasks can interfere with being productive, I’m posting a collection *my* dailies.

First Caveat: Admittedly, this is mildly cathartic and totally self-indulgent.  For those of you who are thinking “sheesh, like what I really wanted to do today [...]